“PVA has been “my” company since moving here over 4 years ago. They have uninstalled, taken away non-functioning units, discussed new furnace needs based on my home, installed new unit, taken care of all maintenance needs, helped with a new gas line install for my new gas stove, they are always prompt, polite & knowledgeable. Today, Grant went far beyond routine maintenance. He solved a vibration noise which was a small screw not entirely screwed in; after he removed two panels, inspecting each area, tightening the screw–no noise. My thermostat would reach temp., then re-start within 3 to 4 min. even though the temp. had not dropped. After I would manually stop the running, the temp did not drop, the furnace would not kick in for at least 30 min. Grant pulled up specs for my thermostat, saw how off it was, corrected it, now the furnace does not kick in nearly immediately after reaching temp. There is a floor vent in my living room which was covered over with flooring prior to my buying my home. Grant went into my crawl space, took a photo of the area, showing duct work not connected to the main duct, all parts just sitting on the ground, in good condition. It is possible to re-install this vent. PVA, you are a great group, however, Grant took service to a new & high level this a.m. Grant accomplished all of this (including servicing my furnace) in a very timely manner. Thank you, thank you! Mardy W” – Mardy W.
- Mardy W.

“We have used your services before at a different location which is why we called you again. Your response time is out standing along with your technicians (Steve Zeska). When we call its because we have a problem. Thanks for caring about your customers. Sincerely Jon H.”

– Jon H.

- Jon H.

“My mother had such a great experience with PVA that she suggested I call them. They offered me such a great deal on an AC installation and high efficiency furnace replacement, I couldn't say no. The customer service was superb and the guys that worked on the project did an excellent job. I wouldn't go anywhere else. An exceptional local business!”

– Abiah S.

- Abiah S.

“To whom it may concern;
We had PVA install an air conditioner in our home several years back & you guys were awesome. We have been 100% satisfied. When we needed a new water heater, I didn't hesitate to call again for your service. Everything seemed fine until about a month & half ago when we noticed water leaking from the ceiling in our main floor bathroom. I called a plumber & upon inspection he found 2 different leaks coming from the water pipes that run into our upstairs bathroom shower. I mentioned that we recently had a water heater installed. The plumber asked to see the water heater & upon so asked who installed it. I told him who & he said anyone can put in a water heater but you should have a plumber do it so it is done correctly. He tested the water pressure with a PSI gauge & it was well over the normal range plus the needle was not holding steady. He immediately remarked that this is the reason for these leaks because there was no equalizing tank installed which keeps the water pressure within a safe limit. Besides paying for the plumber to install that tank, it cost us $600 to fix the leaks. He had to cut a hole in the bathroom ceiling & in the back of our upstairs linen closet to get to the pipes going into the shower. It's going to cost us another $600 to have a drywaller fix the hole in the ceiling. After all this, I started doing internet research & everything I found completely backed up what the plumber had told me about water heater installation. By not knowing to call a plumber in the first place, this ended up being a $1200 mistake for us. I wanted to reach out to you first so PVA has the fair chance to make this right with us. If not, I fully plan to share our experience with other unsuspecting homeowners so they don't make the same mistake we did.
AnnMarie Orlowski”

– annmarie o.

- annmarie o.

“Replaced our 20 year old Rheem furnance with new Trane unit and love it! Extremely fast and professional service. Had PV install central AC 9 years ago and its been flawless! Great company, products and people!”

– Dan S.

- Dan S.

“Everyone was polite, professional, and friendly. The quote was fair and obviously done by someone who knew what they were doing. The installers were just as good and took the time to make sure the job was done well.”

– JM K.

- JM K.

“After a couple of months of being told I did not have many options for replacing the furnace in my modular home I had almost given up and then I got PV Air’s mailer. Called and Rock came out and within a couple days had a brand new Trane furnace installed. I found the staff to be very knowledgeable, friendly, quick and professional. A new hot water is next on the list guys!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.”

– Dawn C.

- Dawn C.

“We wanted to give a heads up to Poudre re: replacement of our air conditioner and then about two weeks later our water heater. Technicians Wyatt and Dustin who replaced our air were great and the technicians who did our water heater also did a good job. Ran into a slight problem with our one bathroom where hot water was only trickling out and Brody, technician who came out, did a fantastic job solving this issue. All the technicians were prompt, answered any questions we had, took care of work site where whey placed protective coverings on carpeting , etc. Would highly recommend them. Also, Rock the salesman was knowledgeable, etc. Thank you Poudre Valley Air.”

– Chuck & Liz G.

- Chuck & Liz G.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank Larry and Lam the two technicians who installed a Mitsubishi split air conditioning system for my wife’s office. The office is located in the upstairs office and has not been cooled very well with the existing central air system that serves the rest of the home. Both Larry and Lam were very professional and curious as well as taking the time to explain who the system functioned.

I would strongly recommend Poudre Valley Air to anyone who wants quality service for their heating and air conditioning systems.

Outstanding service and great job”

– Robert S.

- Robert S.

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