“It’s just before Christmas with sub-zero temps outside and no heat in the house! Dominik showed up prior to the time window promised and went straight to performing his troubleshooting steps.

He found a fault with the “low pressure switch” but said “they never go bad” and didn’t hesitate to start looking at all components connected to the switch throughout the inlet air and exhaust piping system. He soon found a wasp nest in the exhaust piping and removed everything he could without cutting open the piping.

Within 45 mins he had the heating system delivering heat to the house as expected. I stood with him throughout the process and he kept an open, friendly stream of conversation going with me about what he was doing and life in general.

From the moment he rang the doorbell until he departed he was polite, friendly, pleasant, professional, and he proved his competence. Dominik is my go to man for anything HVAC.

Thank you for a top-notch experience!

– Brian N.