“Installation was timely and completed quickly within the day allotted. Old furnace and all debris was completely removed. Some duct work was relocated due to existing poor design so system ran more quietly. Existing AC unit was inspected and confirmed that it was compatible without additional work. Their honesty was appreciated as they did not attempt to sell a new unit along with their new furnace.They also handled all rebate paperwork promptly. Refer without any reservations.”

- Jussi K.

“My heat pump failed on January 17, 2023. Recall that was just before the anticipated extremely cold weather. PVA installed a new air handler unit (the replacement was being shipped by truck from Wisconsin). My home is Totally electric and although I had to use Emergency Heat (which in Fort Collins is extremely expensive due to Time of Use pricing), I did have heat. All of the PVA employees were very understanding, polite and incredibly careful to avoid tracking snow or debris into my home. The replacement unit was installed on February 2, 2023.”

- Cookie C.

“I was pleased with the quick service when I called & said my furnace was emitting carbon monoxide, it had a large crack in pipe & I would need a new furnace. Nathan & Seth installed a new furnace & we’re great guys. They were very efficient & polite. I would recommend Poudre Valley Air.”

- Patricia K.

“Same day service to repair kaput furnace. Dominik was courteous and efficient as he replaced a part and had the house warm and cozy in no time. Thanks to all at PVA!”

- Pete N.

“After experiencing numerous issues with our furnace, including replacing the controller and ignitor, and paying for several service fees all within one week, we ultimately had to purchase a new one. The technicians were kind, thorough, and clear in their explanations and demonstrated incredible competence. The service manager also worked with us to find a solution that honored the money we had already spent. In the end, we were very pleased with the service, timeliness, and cost. Thank you”

- Dean C.

“Dominik just left our house, we have a fixed furnace and our family is warm! After consulting other companies, that refused to fix the problem and insisted we needed a new unit totaling 20k, Dominik walked in, evaluated, went and got the part and had us up and running with heat in under two hours. I will always call Poudre Valley Air first from now on, and request Domink for service repairs! Thank you!”

- Katie N.

“My husband & I awoke to 62° & our furnace not working. We called Poudre Valley Air at 9am & was informed a Technician would arrive TODAY between 10am-noon!! Nathan Y. arrived and promptly diagnosed the problem AND had the replacement part in his truck. We found Nathan to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly & helpful. He was very thorough in his assessment and in making certain that everything was safely working!! THANK YOU, PVA & NATHAN Y!!!”

- Nancy Z.

“I am wanting to recognize Poudre Valley Air and Nathan Y., their Technician. My home was without heat. When I called PVA this morning, I was informed someone would be available in the next few hours. When Nathan arrived, he promptly diagnosed the problem & had a replacement part in his truck! Nathan is extremely knowledgeable in his field & also very friendly & helpful! Thank you, PVA!”

- Jim Z.

“It’s just before Christmas with sub-zero temps outside and no heat in the house! Dominik showed up prior to the time window promised and went straight to performing his troubleshooting steps.

He found a fault with the “low pressure switch” but said “they never go bad” and didn’t hesitate to start looking at all components connected to the switch throughout the inlet air and exhaust piping system. He soon found a wasp nest in the exhaust piping and removed everything he could without cutting open the piping.

Within 45 mins he had the heating system delivering heat to the house as expected. I stood with him throughout the process and he kept an open, friendly stream of conversation going with me about what he was doing and life in general.

From the moment he rang the doorbell until he departed he was polite, friendly, pleasant, professional, and he proved his competence. Dominik is my go to man for anything HVAC.

Thank you for a top-notch experience!

- Brian N.

“I got a call from the office asking if it was OK for the technician to come early (heck yes!). Nathan arrived and he was very friendly and interested. He got right to work and cleaned up after himself. He gave me confidence that my furnace was going to continue to provide for me and that was very important peace of mind. THANKS NATHAN.”

- Susan V.

“Had Dominik service both our home and The Fox Acres Welcome Center in Red Feather Lakes. He was friendly, professional and knowledgeable about programing and servicing our heating systems. Thanks again Dominik!”

- Bryce B.

“Thanks Mario for explaining what you found and what you did to fix it, as well as a brief overview of how the equipment works and what I should be doing in the way of filters, preventing rodent access, and carbon monoxide detectors. Looking forward to a similar review in the Spring of 2023 for my air conditioner.”

- Ken K.

“Mario was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain things to me. He was courteous and efficient. When I told him my hot water had black sediment in it, he suggested flushing the water heater. He noticed that the temperature was set too high and lowered it to save money. Excellent service.”

- Denise S.

“Mario performed pre-winter maintenance on gas furnaces at our daughter’s house and our house today. Not withstanding the outstanding technical service, his customer service and personal care was top of the line! He is an excellent representative for Poudre Valley Air and will be our first request for our service needs in the future.”

- David B.

“Dominick was tireless and focused on this difficult diagnosis and repair on old equipment in a very hot attic space. He was direct and informative in answering questions; did not over promise results; and cost estimates were on the mark. Successfully repaired the AC in reasonable time.”

– Patrick M.

- Patrick M.

“There isn't a better company to work with. They were professional and knowledgeable.
Our first contact was with Rock. He knew what we needed and saw that we got it. It helped that Rock was once a technician and knew what products were available.
Our installer was Caleb. He was superb. He installed both our furnace and air conditioner.”

– Jane L.

- Jane L.

“The workers came in time, wore booties and were otherwise very respectful of my home and furnishings. They explained what they were doing and why. Excellent experience.”

– Ramsey M.

- Ramsey M.

“From the initial quote from Rock to Caleb and his team doing our installation, everything about this process was top notch and professional. We love our new system.”

– David A.

- David A.

“I had a service call and after trying to talk to someone about my dissatisfaction with the cost, I finally got a call from Will Winchester. He was very condescending and rude. His accusation that I wanted the company to go out of business, as well as other accusations was uncalled for and very disrespectful. I suggest you have him take some training in customer service communications.”

– Carol K.

- Carol K.

“The team really goes the extra mile. I’m very impressed with their knowledge and willingness to work with the customer ensuring proper sizing and fit while keeping costs as low as possible. Also impressed with the care and workmanship during install. System runs great!!!”

– Rick M.

- Rick M.

“Had a pleasant experience with front office and especially Andy for an estimate to replace my 33 year old furnace. Expecting the same next week with the installation process and the technicians. They have been beyond courteous and professional – I highly recommend!”

– Jonathan K.

- Jonathan K.

“For years I’ve had a maintenance contract with Poudre Valley Air. In the fall a technician came to service our furnace. I had requested that she wear a mask but instead she wore a bandana that kept slipping off her face. I called today and talked to Morgan, the service coordinator, about renewing our maintenance contract. I also checked to make sure that the technician they would send to my house was vaccinated. Much to my surprise, it is clear that their technicians are not all vaccinated. There is absolutely no excuse for that. I couldn’t even get an assurance that they could send out a technician that would be vaccinated. Does anyone else know of other companies whose technicians are vaccinated?”

– Sue-Ellen J.

- Sue-Ellen J.

“I wanted to thank Poudre Valley Air and particularly Jaysen and Cory. Jaysen spend a lot of time reviewing the technical details of the system to help us pick the solution that would work best for us. We have an older house and the service team encountered a couple issues during installation. Cory did an excellent job of explaining those issues, discussing options and tradeoffs, and revising the design to accommodate the limitations encountered. We are delighted with the final result, the quality of work, and the folks that we were privileged to work with. I would highly recommend Poudre Valley Air.”

– Scott T.

- Scott T.

“Savannah came out to do maintenance on my furnace. She was professional, friendly and provided great service. She clearly explained the scope of her work and the state of my furnace. Savannah provided a pleasant experience and I would absolutely recommend her!”

– Lisa B.

- Lisa B.

“Interviewed 5 companies and PVA had best quality products at best price for us. Great sales experience with Rock Smith–so far, everything promised has been delivered. Techs arrived on time, and were respectful and organized. Huge thanks to Wyatt Winchester, Tyler Owen, and Dominik Rioz who did an expert, top quality installation. The system operation has been heavenly–had no idea how out of whack our old system was until we experienced this new set up. Getting ready to fire up the new a/c system and appreciate PVA's ongoing support to ensure all is operating as it should. You all are the best!! Thank you…”

– Leah B.

- Leah B.

“We first did business with PVA 20 years ago. getting a new furnace and air. Through the years we maintained a service contract. Most of the time we had Phillp whom we got to know quite well. Yesterday
our technicians were Michael, Tyler and Wyatt. They were professional, clean, courteous and careful. We would recommend PVA to anyone.”

– Tracy R.

- Tracy R.

“Needed help with malfunctioning zone control and installation of whole house humidifier. Cory M and Tyler L came and did a great job. Cleaned up, trained me on new device. Last week I had Joe come by for semi-annual service and he was great as well.”

– Byron E.

- Byron E.

“Dominik and Nathan were friendly and professional. They took the time to explain the installation and operation of the new systems with us. We have appreciated the competence and trustworthiness we have experienced with the Poudre Valley Air team. This is why we chose to purchase our new furnace from Poudre Valley Air.”

– Philip G.

- Philip G.

“Humidifier replacement went completely smoothly. Wyatt Winchester was Polite, friendly, and competent, and he explained operation and maintenance clearly. I have always had a good experinece with Poudre Valley Air.”

– James F.

- James F.

“Phillip was detailed in the servicing of my furnace. He explained various settings and offered tips to keep my home more energy efficient.”

– Cheri C.

- Cheri C.

“Wyatt Winchester and Jose Manuel were very friendly, helpful, and thorough. I appreciate the working on a Saturday, since the furnace had faied durng a severe c”

– Carl E.

- Carl E.

“I had an installation of a new furnace air humidifier system by PVAIR Techs Dominick R. and Tyler L. They were very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. The installation went great and on schedule. A complete overview of the system operations was given by them. I would highly recommend PVAIR for any type of HVAC service and support.”

– Rickl G.

- Rickl G.

“12/3/19 Dominik R. arrived promptly to install a new home humidifier, attached to my furnace. He completed it in good time, explained and showed me important aspects of the humidifier and what to do when the season changes. He also wento over significant parts for me to be aware of in the booklet, etc. He was very knowledgeable and clear in his explanation and instructions. He also cleaned up completely.”

– Linda H.

- Linda H.

“11/29/2019 – Jon Holman came for my scheduled furnace maintenance check.
I thought Jon did an excellent job in checking out the furnace, making any adjustments, and in discussing a humidifier replacement recommendation with me. He explained his reason for the recommendation, showed me the parts of the humidifier that were disrupting good performance, gave me options and prices for me to think about. However, from the information he provided, I was able to make a decision promptly. Jon set up the appointment. Jon is an effieicnet and qualified employee. Thank you.”

– Linda H.

- Linda H.

“I thought Jon did an excellent job in checking out the furnace, making any adjustments, and in discussing a humidifier replacement recommendation with me. He explained his reason for the recommendation, showed me the parts of the humidifier that were disrupting good performance, gave me options and prices for me to think about. However, from the information he provided, I was able to make a decision promptly. Jon set up the appointment. Jon is an efficient and qualified employee. Thank you.”

– Linda H.

- Linda H.

“Jon Holman, Technician, was very professional and courteous. He signed me up for the annual maintenance agreement and suggested we purchase a new humidifier for our furnace.”

– Rick G.

- Rick G.

“Jon was on time, efficient, and very knowledgeable. He explained things to me as he checked out our furnace.
I would be happy to recommend him to my friends.

Dale L”

– Dale L.

- Dale L.

“Wyatt and Tyler installed an undercabinet hood vent, ducting through the roof.
They were professional, knowledgeable and did a great job. They had a couple of obstacles which they overcame and the final results were very professional. Highly recommended.”



“I ask for Phillip whenever I have my semi-annual maintenance or other work such as duct cleaning. Phillip is professional, knowledgeable, thorough and friendly.”

– Bill G.

- Bill G.

“Jon is a success story. He should be a motivational speaker at high schools. Started a 17 and is now 22 and buying a house. Zero det. He is a keeper. P.S. He did a great job at 17212. PVA has a great apprentice program.”

– George H.

- George H.

“The installation of my new furnace went very smoothly. Dominik did a good job afterwards of explaining what they'd done and how things worked. Both installers were polite and friendly.”

– John M.

- John M.

“"Friendly Phillip" always does such a professional and efficient job of maintaining our heating and cooling system. Answering our many questions with his wealth of knowledge of our entire system is appreciated!”

– Christine L.

- Christine L.

“We’ve had our furnace and AC serviced by Phillip for a few years now. He is always professional, very friendly and helpful if we have any questions. We trust Phillip completely and highly recommend him and Poudre Valley Air.”

– Laura D.

- Laura D.

“From start to finish it was great. Rock was upfront and very knowledgeable during the quote and it came in much less than the other quotes we received. Larry and Tyler were awesome with the install in a small crawl space and left everything very clean. Absolutely no complaints and honestly the best contractors we have worked with so far in Colorado. 100% recommend.”

– Jeff W.

- Jeff W.

“Wyatt Winchester and Dustin Clay were the installation technicians for our furnace replacement and we couldn't have been more impressed. Both young men were polite, professional and went out of their way to make sure that our installation went smoothly. If these two employees are representative of the way PVA conducts business, then we will certainly be repeat customers.”

– Terry C.

- Terry C.

“We recently had a new furnace and air conditioner replaced. We were pleased with everyone from the sales person to the installers. Very professional and knowledgeable. The installers solved a couple issues from the previous installation when the home was built, which was resolved quickly and well with their experience. I think they went above and beyond what other companies would have done for us.”

– Susan Z.

- Susan Z.

“Phillip was here on September 30, 2019 to do fall maintenance on our heating system. He was prompt to arrive. He was very good and explained what he checked. We are very satisfied with his work. Thank you so much.”

– Nina V.

- Nina V.

“Showed up about 10 am and worked until 11 am on September 23.
Wore shoe socks to not track dirt.
Worked independently.
Notified me of repairs/replacements needed and explained costs versus benefits.
Personable and helpful.”

– Rick B.

- Rick B.

“We have been so please with Poudre Valley Air from the salesman to the customer care after the installation. The service technicians, Larry and Tyler, were friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.”

– Lori P.

- Lori P.

“I really appreciated the time and effort that Larry G. and Cory M. gave to the installation of my new water heater. In addition to all the information they gave me, they also answered many questions I had. They were so efficient and did such a clean job. Very easy to talk too. I highly recommend them and thank them.”

– Pam S.

- Pam S.

“Thank you all for the great job of replacing my furnace system.
Andy was very helpful and knowledgeable in explaining the system choices and pricing.
Cory and Tyler did a fantastic job with the installation. No mess. Great explanation of how to use the new system.
Thank you again.”



“I want to commend the service we received from your technician Mike H. to repair our malfunctioning A/C unit. It is getting pretty old and thought we would have to replace it. Mike arrived promptly, quickly diagnosed our issues, explained the repairs needed, gave us an estimate, and went to work get us back on line. The whole process only took a couple of hours and he serviced our whole system. He was honest, telling us the unit is still functional, and simply required a couple of key parts and would probably last us the rest of this season. It saved us thousands that a new unit would have cost. This fall we need to consider replacing our entire HVAC system and I will be calling Poudre Valley Air to get that done. Excellent work, great customer service, prompt and reliable!!!! You will always get out service.”

– Kent G.

- Kent G.

“The installer, Dominic was awesome. He made everything look professional. The job was complicated with a furnace, air conditioner, and water heater all in a tight space. He did awesome.”

– Clay K.

- Clay K.

“Wyatt Winchester and Dustin Clay both did an excellent job installing our new furnace and air conditioner. They were very professional, efficient, informative and personable. They also did a great job cleaning our air ducts. They worked well as a team.”

– Tom D.

- Tom D.

“Called late Friday night. Trace came out first thing Saturday morning and got our ac running again. Trace is a great guy and works for a great company!”

– Cody M.

- Cody M.

“I am satisfied with the physical work from Poudre Valley Air, but the customer service is unacceptable. During their most recent visit to my apartment, the employee was playing music from his phone and singing/whistling. He kept leaving to answer his phone and make personal calls and socializing with his coworker that arrived toward the end of the visit. The service lasted more than 3 hours and I do not recommend this company.”

– Tiffani O.

- Tiffani O.

“PVA installed the original furnace when I bought the house 34 years ago. I have had a maintenance agreement, plus I had AC installed in about 1996. I built a cabin in Crystal Lakes (Red Feather Lakes) to retire full time soon and PVA comes up once a year for that maintenance. They must be doing something right!”

– Susan V.

- Susan V.

“I really appreciate the service Tracy did on our boiler today. I would like him to come back and do the service he recommended to be done in November. He was very helpful in explaining what should be done and I felt he was very thorough in his work. He did things that haven’t been done before such as checking the outside vent, location of CO2 monitor, etc.
Thank you,

– Donna P.

- Donna P.

“Chris Gabriel was a very competent technician, checked everything and I now feel that everything is working well. I want to let Poudre Valley Air know that they have a very good man working for them. I am in my 80's now and he made sure that he met all my needs with all equipment working in top notch condition. Thanks you, Karen Raymond”

– Karen R.

- Karen R.

“Service was done by Mike Hybiak. He is a great technician. I always request Mike because of his great service. Poudre Valley Air is a great company. So glad I found them several years ago. I would not use anybody else.”



“Tracy came by and saved the day. Not only did he get here almost immediately but he diagnosed, repaired and explained everything in an incredibly timely manner. I will definitely be using your services again and hopefully all your technicians are as talented and courteous as Tracy!”

– Sebastian V.

- Sebastian V.

“We were excited to see Steve Z. is back helping customers with their heating/A.C systems. We had our furnace maintenance check in the fall and was sad to hear Steve Z. was no longer with you. We were somewhat disappointed in the tech that arrived in the fall as his customer skill set was no where near to what Steve Z. performs. Steve is very thorough in his system evaluation, explains what he has done, goes over each item on the worksheet, and makes recommendations when needed. And always asks if we want to continue the comfort care agreement. He is super friendly and shows up at the door with a smile. What a great representative for PVAir, make sure to keep this guy on your staff he is doing a great job!!”

– Rand C.

- Rand C.

“Philip is always great at letting me know where my furnace and airconditioner is at and when I need to replace these items. I feel I can depend on his expertise and honesty.”

– Vicki J.

- Vicki J.

“Phillip was the service representative who came today. Polite, knowledgeable, helpful, etc. describes him very well. In fact, l would like to have him continue to be the person who services our annual maintenance contract.”

– William L.

- William L.

“Phillip is an excellent Tech and is quite personable in dealing with your customers. On time, courteous and pays attention to the details of keeping our system in top running order. Thanks for sending such a fine well qualified employee.”

– Paul B.

- Paul B.

“Steve Zieska came to check my humidifier and long story short it needed a new transformer plus pad and the knowledge to fix it all. He is very personable and I would want him do my service calls in the future!”

– Virginia M. G.

- Virginia M. G.

“Steve Zieska came to check my humidifier and long story short it needed a new transformer plus pad and the knowledge to fix it all. He is very personable and I would want him do my service calls in the future!”

– Virginia M. G.

- Virginia M. G.

“Steve Z. Was prompt and courteous, offered service and inspection which was good as there were other items needing attention. Will use PVA again. Fair pricing for an emergency call. Thanks PVA.”

– Mike K.

- Mike K.

“PVA has been “my” company since moving here over 4 years ago. They have uninstalled, taken away non-functioning units, discussed new furnace needs based on my home, installed new unit, taken care of all maintenance needs, helped with a new gas line install for my new gas stove, they are always prompt, polite & knowledgeable. Today, Grant went far beyond routine maintenance.

He solved a vibration noise which was a small screw not entirely screwed in; after he removed two panels, inspecting each area, tightening the screw–no noise.

My thermostat would reach temp., then re-start within 3 to 4 min. even though the temp. had not dropped. After I would manually stop the running, the temp did not drop, the furnace would not kick in for at least 30 min. Grant pulled up specs for my thermostat, saw how off it was, corrected it, now the furnace does not kick in nearly immediately after reaching temp.

There is a floor vent in my living room which was covered over with flooring prior to my buying my home. Grant went into my crawl space, took a photo of the area, showing duct work not connected to the main duct, all parts just sitting on the ground, in good condition. It is possible to re-install this vent.

PVA, you are a great group, however, Grant took service to a new & high level this a.m. Grant accomplished all of this (including servicing my furnace) in a very timely manner.

Thank you, thank you!
Mardy W”

– Mardy W.

- Mardy W.

“We have used your services before at a different location which is why we called you again. Your response time is out standing along with your technicians (Steve Zeska). When we call its because we have a problem. Thanks for caring about your customers. Sincerely Jon H.”

– Jon H.

- Jon H.

“My mother had such a great experience with PVA that she suggested I call them. They offered me such a great deal on an AC installation and high efficiency furnace replacement, I couldn't say no. The customer service was superb and the guys that worked on the project did an excellent job. I wouldn't go anywhere else. An exceptional local business!”

– Abiah S.

- Abiah S.

“To whom it may concern;
We had PVA install an air conditioner in our home several years back & you guys were awesome. We have been 100% satisfied. When we needed a new water heater, I didn't hesitate to call again for your service. Everything seemed fine until about a month & half ago when we noticed water leaking from the ceiling in our main floor bathroom. I called a plumber & upon inspection he found 2 different leaks coming from the water pipes that run into our upstairs bathroom shower. I mentioned that we recently had a water heater installed. The plumber asked to see the water heater & upon so asked who installed it. I told him who & he said anyone can put in a water heater but you should have a plumber do it so it is done correctly. He tested the water pressure with a PSI gauge & it was well over the normal range plus the needle was not holding steady. He immediately remarked that this is the reason for these leaks because there was no equalizing tank installed which keeps the water pressure within a safe limit. Besides paying for the plumber to install that tank, it cost us $600 to fix the leaks. He had to cut a hole in the bathroom ceiling & in the back of our upstairs linen closet to get to the pipes going into the shower. It's going to cost us another $600 to have a drywaller fix the hole in the ceiling. After all this, I started doing internet research & everything I found completely backed up what the plumber had told me about water heater installation. By not knowing to call a plumber in the first place, this ended up being a $1200 mistake for us. I wanted to reach out to you first so PVA has the fair chance to make this right with us. If not, I fully plan to share our experience with other unsuspecting homeowners so they don't make the same mistake we did.
AnnMarie Orlowski”

– annmarie o.

- annmarie o.

“Replaced our 20 year old Rheem furnance with new Trane unit and love it! Extremely fast and professional service. Had PV install central AC 9 years ago and its been flawless! Great company, products and people!”

– Dan S.

- Dan S.

“Everyone was polite, professional, and friendly. The quote was fair and obviously done by someone who knew what they were doing. The installers were just as good and took the time to make sure the job was done well.”

– JM K.

- JM K.

“After a couple of months of being told I did not have many options for replacing the furnace in my modular home I had almost given up and then I got PV Air’s mailer. Called and Rock came out and within a couple days had a brand new Trane furnace installed. I found the staff to be very knowledgeable, friendly, quick and professional. A new hot water is next on the list guys!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.”

– Dawn C.

- Dawn C.

“We wanted to give a heads up to Poudre re: replacement of our air conditioner and then about two weeks later our water heater. Technicians Wyatt and Dustin who replaced our air were great and the technicians who did our water heater also did a good job. Ran into a slight problem with our one bathroom where hot water was only trickling out and Brody, technician who came out, did a fantastic job solving this issue. All the technicians were prompt, answered any questions we had, took care of work site where whey placed protective coverings on carpeting , etc. Would highly recommend them. Also, Rock the salesman was knowledgeable, etc. Thank you Poudre Valley Air.”

– Chuck & Liz G.

- Chuck & Liz G.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank Larry and Lam the two technicians who installed a Mitsubishi split air conditioning system for my wife’s office. The office is located in the upstairs office and has not been cooled very well with the existing central air system that serves the rest of the home. Both Larry and Lam were very professional and curious as well as taking the time to explain who the system functioned.

I would strongly recommend Poudre Valley Air to anyone who wants quality service for their heating and air conditioning systems.

Outstanding service and great job”

– Robert S.

- Robert S.

“Poudre Valley Air is excellent. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Over the summer, we got a new air conditioner and their customer service and pricing were so good, we called them again when the furnace went out and had them replace that.

I live in Greeley so I checked Angie’s List for places in Greeley to check out for the air conditioner but I didn’t want to use anything here so I called Poudre.”

– Kelly H.

“I had Poudre Valley Air out to repair my furnace. From the person who answered the phone to the person who scheduled the service call to the two different technicians that came out–everyone was so polite, knowledgeable, and friendly.”

– Lori B.

“I am thrilled with the gentleman who did the work. I have been with Poudre Valley Air for years. That’s why I continue to stay with them. I lost my husband, so I’m a woman alone. The service they provide is absolutely incredible to me. The fact that he took the entire day to find the part that was missing on my furnace and that I did not have to replace my furnace goes above and beyond. He was wonderful. He was here for six to eight hours–a long time. He just did a beautiful job. Number one, they are totally dependable and they are totally reliant on the cost. They’re in business to service their customers. That is very, very important and they do a wonderful job at it.”

– Constance K.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Poudre Valley Air. They have installed two furnaces for me as well as checking on a draft and they installed a water heater. The service was excellent- they showed up on time and had no problem with them whatsoever in all 3 projects I used them for.”

– William S.

“I’ve known Poudre Valley Air for a long time. They take care of my furnace and the brand new AC that was just put in. The guys kept to their business and knew what they were doing. I’m pretty critical about things like this, having been in management for a long time, and I thought they did a fantastic job. They were all nice young people and they’ve done me well.”

– Donna H.

“Poudre Valley comes to my house every year, what a great company! Helpful nice and always answers all my questions! Thank-you for your great service see you next year. Thanks to Mark Widdis for helpful advice.”

– Dana M.

“I think they were very professional, very timely, and they took care of the issue in an expedient manner. I appreciate the professionalism and quickness of the service. Poudre Valley Air did AC unit worked for us, and we weren’t able to find anyone in the Laramie or Cheyenne area to perform the service, so we called out of state. I was very pleased with them. They had a professional, quick response. They ordered a special part and got right back to us when it arrived. It was all in all a good experience.”

– Missy S.

“Our most recent experience was good. We had a skunk get into our HVAC system, and Poudre Valley Air gave us good recommendations and service related to that.”

– Karen S.

“I am very pleased with Poudre Valley Air. They come when they say they will, they are very polite and mannerly, they answer all my questions, and they take care of what they’re coming to do. They always tell me when my filter needs to be changed. They’re very friendly, and there’s not a bad one in the whole lot of them. I have had many different employees come by, and they always explain everything to me. I just feel really confident when they come to my home.”

– Agnes R.

“Poudre Valley Air was very thorough and very informative. When I was looking around, I compared them to some other duct unit companies. Their representative was very thorough in getting back to me.

When they showed up for the installation, they were very nice, polite, and they put coverings on the floor so they would not track anything onto the carpet. We got a Mitsubishi mini-split air conditioning unit installed. They were very thorough, and I would definitely recommend them if somebody I know needs their air conditioning done.”

– Vicki S.

“I bought my AC unit from Poudre Valley Air and they have been doing all the maintenance for it since I bought it. They just did a seasonal tune-up, charged the AC, and cleaned and maintained all of the working parts for the freezer portion. They’ve been so reliable that I bought a maintenance agreement from them for the next couple of years.”

– Rick B.

“We have had a service contract with Poudre Valley Air for several years, which meant they came out twice a year, once in the fall for the furnace, and one in the spring for the air conditioner, to service the units.

Last year, during the service call, they noticed a problem with the furnace, so we bought a new one through them. The installation was timely, and we are pleased. We have had nothing but good experiences with Poudre Valley Air.”

– Jeff B.

“The service has always been good. They are honest and pleasant when I see them and they come over. We have a service contract with Poudre Valley Air, and all has been good with them.”

– Judy B.

“Poudre Valley Air did a fine job. This was their second time doing work for us, and I have no complaints. We’re completely satisfied.”

– Fred B.

“We have an annual contract with Poudre Valley Air and they are excellent- I am quite willing to recommend them.The contract is a good deal and the work they do is consistently good. For us, the servicing keeps the value of the furnace and the air conditioning unit high and well-functioning.”

– John B.

“Poudre Valley Air replaced my old furnace with a new one. The two guys who came out were well-mannered and were in and out real quick. It was a simple process and the new furnace is working well.”

– Randy B.

“I’ve been a customer of Poudre Valley Air for many years. I’ve always been satisfied and I don’t think I would change. I don’t have any desire to change. I keep having Poudre Valley Air doing my service. Poudre Valley Air makes me feel safe and confident for the next season, whether it’s fall or spring!”

– Elaine B.

“In the twenty-two years since we’ve been in our home, Poudre Valley Air has installed a new furnace and a central air conditioner. They have been very prompt in their service appointment times. We have been very pleased with their overall service. We did have one unfortunate bad experience with them involving a furnace motor. We spoke to them and they were very fair in reaching a satisfactory settlement with that. They are capable people. I would certainly recommend them to anyone.”

– Rae and Louise B.

“I have had Poudre Valley Air coming out for a long time, and they’re excellent. I can’t think of a bad experience with them. Their technicians are very knowledgeable but not pushy. When we asked questions about upgrading our gas detection system, they gave us a lot of information. We did do the upgrade, but I appreciate that they didn’t push and waited until we could afford it. Now we have more comfort knowing that it’s installed. Also, my husband bought a new air filtration system, which was great for his allergies.”

– Peggy B.

“I had problem with my furnace not turning on and I called Poudre Valley Air. They came to my house and fixed the problem within 30 minutes. They were quick in response and their price was fair.”

– Dan B.

“I purchased a TRANE furnace and A/C from PVA in 2003. The system has worked flawlessly and all of the service reps I’ve met during annual preventive maintenance have excellent – courteous, professional and willing to take the time to answer all my questions and concerns. I recommend this company without reservation.”

– Jim F.

“On June 7th I called PVA just before they closed and they were able to send a tech out within an hour. The tech, Garry, was one of the most professional, nice, caring, honest, knowledgeable HVAC person I have worked with. In the future I will call PVA and request Garry. I highly recommend Poudre Valley Air, specifically Garry and his exceptional service, attitude and his ability to educate the customer. Thanks!”

– Chris C.

“The only problem I had when dealing with Poudre Valley Air was that they were running late, and I was the one who had to call to see why they hadn’t shown up. I would have liked to receive a call letting me know that the technicians were running behind from a previous job. The rest of the time it was fine. They answered any questions I had, and explained what they were doing. My husband showed up near the end, and they answered all of his questions as well. They put in a new AC unit.

We have used Poudre Valley Air a couple of times before this for minor things. They did some duct work in a bedroom, some maintenance, and they worked a couple of times on our old AC. The new AC is working fine so far. The technicians were very knowledgeable. They wore booties inside the house and covered anywhere they were going to be with tarp. They were good about dealing with the animals and keeping the doors closed as they went in and out.”

– Debbie J.

“I have used Poudre Valley Air for years. They service my two air conditioning units and two furnaces. They come every year to service the units, but when I have specific problems, they come right away. They are very responsive and prompt. They provide same-day service, and they call when they are on their way.

My experience has been very satisfying in terms of getting the service I need. The technicians are neat and respectful, and I just think Poudre Valley Air is a well-run company.”

– Carol E.